A note to the readers

Hello estranged readers,

It's been a while since we really sat down and talked. I think I'm gonna take a few minutes to open up, even if this blog is rarely visited at the moment.

I stopped blogging for a while for a few reasons. First, I didn't really have enough questions to answer. I was answering one question a day and wasn't doing any advertisement since I find it kind of desperate and imposing on others. The site kinda died, and I let it die. Sometimes it's nice to let things go that way. I also became a bit estranged from my own voice. I started to feel a little boxed in by the expectation to be funny or entertaining. Don't get me wrong, I love that. I just don't love it when it's demanded of me.

All the time off was good for me. It helped me do some soul-searching and reconnect with my values and priorities. I've been thinking about things a lot lately, about peace, about inner violence, about meaning, about community, and about purpose. I haven't figured it all out yet, but I believe I'm making progress.

So here I am, armed with new ideas and ready to help. We can talk, you can ask questions, or we can just sit here together.