About Me

Hi there. You've found my blog somehow, either through my work online, or through an article, or maybe I'm a viral cringe meme.

I've had lots of jobs and roles in my life, but this one started with my mom. My mom is a therapist in Los Angeles and turned me onto psychology and looking deeper into people's motivations to uncover what's really happening. I credit my dad as well, an attorney with a very logical critical mind. Then there're my friends and family who were not only the reluctant participants of the millions of microexperiments I've conducted over the years, but also sources of insight, humor, quirkiness, and a spirit of rebellion.

I started this blog years ago with the intent of helping people through difficult times with direct advice and guidance with a light tone. Working on your life shouldn't be a job you hate doing--it should be an interesting mystery you're trying to solve. Sometimes, it just needs to stay a mystery, but that's another issue. If this blog ever serves as a dim, guiding light along one path to something good in life--contentment, peace, truth, kindness, wisdom--then it was a success.

Now the formal stuff. In 2006 I graduated from law school, started practicing, and became disillusioned with the culture of enmity and deception I found in litigation. I decided to return to my lifelong mistress, psychology, and started using the internet to offer feedback and advice. This blog started shortly after. In 2014, I graduated with a masters degree in counseling, summa cum laude, from California State University. I also work as the Chief Design Officer of a research firm in Los Angeles and design presentations and information as a living. Get in touch at edahn.small@gmail.com.