Tuesday Night Thoughts

  • A girl on JDate sent me a flirt saying "I'd like to share uncomfortable silences with you." I just kept quiet.
  • Liberals need to organize before they do anything. If a leader isn't going to step up, they should use the internet to form democratic organizations that give people some real hope with real ideas, not like this Obama guy.
  • I don't blame Obama for not fixing the economy. I blame him for not stepping up and making tough decisions. I think history will remember him as a President who was able to foment excitement and hope, but who wasn't able to execute tough decisions.
  • The next major trend in the world with be Deglobalization. Communities will section off and become self-sufficient by collectively refusing to give money to out-of-community corporations. I say that with 100% confidence, because if the world continues on the path that it's on, I don't think there'll be time for any other trends.
  • Buy local, work local, and invest locally. As a rule of thumb, if the owner can't make it to the store in 1 hour, don't patron the place. It means the store is owned by a foreign entity that bears little-to-no accountability to the surrounding community. This is why WalMart is able to rape neighborhoods left and right--no accountability.
  • Modern warfare will be fought with the keyboard instead of the gun.
  • The moments where you have no idea what to do are the closest moments you'll have to sanity.
  • I started practicing Tai Chi. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, but I like the way it feels. You can't really do Tai Chi with a closed heart.
  • I really think that if the world would really start practicing honesty and not bend, spin, or shade the truth at all, things would run a lot smoother. You'd see a lot less litigation, a more efficient government, a more informed public, and better interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.
  • I think it's normal to hope for drastic changes to happen in your life that "fix" things, but I don't think it's realistic. I think you have to act the way you want despite whatever's broken. Leave it alone. You might think it's a big problem, but if you say "fuck it" and do what you want despite the noise, it doesn't matter.
  • This is neat.