What is reality?

I thought I've been having lately is the weirdness that is reality. and it's been really pleasant.

Most people rarely have the time or curiosity to ask this question. But it's really an amazing question. What is reality? Ask a person and they'll give you a little speech about physics or cosmology, but these are all pointless words because they don't even get close to touching the essence of reality because the essence of reality is pure WTF. It's totally, absolutely weird. Why does anything exist? What exists? What is the fabric of this stuff, and what is it doing?

Questions like these don't have any sensical answers, and the joy is in asking them, not answering them. When you have a choance to reflect on e nature of reality, you're struck with the awesome realization that you're an inseparable part of it and that is...neat. As well as relieving.

So many people are so stuck in their agendas for power, longevity, answers, image control, resolving their private issues, etc., that they forget to do this very important reflection. It's a shame.

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