I feel like it's been such a long time since I've written. I'm not really sure where to start. Lately, every time I've tried pondering or writing, I've been feeling very inauthentic, almost like I'm just repeating the same old themes that have dominated my experience these past 5 years: struggling with spirituality; struggling with dating and relationships (yes, I do); struggling with authenticity...struggling, struggling, struggling. Yeah, I suppose I do, but the nagging and complaining that something is deficient is just getting old. I don't feel like it's the current me talking anymore, but an old me.

So what does the new me want to say? I'm not sure I have anything to say just yet. Maybe I've been in a state of incubation. I certainly feel like my perspectives about things are getting a little clearer--things like politics, justice, priorities, right and wrong. Whatever. Sometimes I just want to be quiet.

I've been waiting for a leader to step up. More a group of leaders to lead this country with honor and courage and lead the rest of the world. It's time for a new political party that's in touch with the people and lets them have a say (via internet, maybe). It's shocking to me that anyone who isn't a millionaire could still identify as Republican. Wake the fuck up, Jesus.

This group of girls just walked into Starbucks and started singing happy birthday, but they started on a super high note, so by the time they got to the "happy BIRTHDAY DEAR _______" their voices all went quiet. It was funny.

Scattered thoughts. That's all for now. -_-