5 Tweets

I sometimes like to wonder what I'd teach people if I was completely wise, if there was such a thing. What would I say and how would I say it? What if it was just one tweet? 180 characters to impart profound wisdom is a difficult task.

Here're some ideas I'm toying with.

1. Don't ever be afraid to experience fear. It's actually much more afraid of you than the other way around. #badassmotherfucker #courage

2. Whether realized or not, everyone is searching for intimacy. Being close to others and to one's self is the true source of meaning. #onelove

3. We blame others and ourselves instead of caring. Underneath our masks, we're still children who just want to experience joy. #untainted

4. You don't need to have it all figured out. Do your best to make the right decision at every opportunity. #dropbydrop

5. When you're on your death bed and you look back on your life, what will make you proud and what will make you ashamed? #compass

Got some? Leave em in the comments. Appreciated.