spiritual frauds

there a lot of frauds out there in the spiritual slash healing world. I would almost consider myself 1 of them except for 1 thing. actually 2 things. first, I don't claim to be an expert in anything. second, and more importantly, I don't claim to be able to do anything.

a lot of spiritual frauds will tell you that they can do something to fix you or improve you, but that's all bullshit. because no 1 can really fix you. the only person that can really change something is yourself. insight may help you but it can never actually finish the job.

the other part is that you don't actually need any fixing. I'm at the real difference between a genuine teacher and a fraud. of fraud makes money by suggesting or implying that you are damaged and in need of repair. what a real spiritual teacher teaches you that you don't have anything wrong with you to begin with. that single fundamental insights makes all the difference.