Monday, September 23, 2013

Ah man! My site's down

This isn't going to work, is it.

Edit: It worked!

So let me say a few things. First, I know people read this blog because I check the stats every day even if I don't post. And I'm both glad and flattered that people find my writing useful or interesting, or maybe it's just a trainwreck and you're all looking for FAILs. Whatever. I'm happy, and I'm happy I can share that happiness with others, to some extent.

I haven't posted here in a while because life got a little crazy with work, school (counseling degree, here we come), and managing relationships. In the process, my writing and creative projects started to suffer. But I'm back and excited and I got a cool haircut from the future. (I look like a Jewish anime character.)

So, here we go. AskEdahn round 2.


Peaces and Loves,

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I've got a question.

I've been in a relationship for 4 years. We've got a fun vibrant relationship. Lots of laughter. For the past few months, my girlfriend has been really stressed out. Lately her anxiety has picked up. She can get paralyzed with fear and feeling overwhelmed with work. I know to not be judgmental with her, but kind of lost after that. I'm wondering if you had any other strategies for helping her cope during these times of panic? What do I do when she freaks out? Also, I'm beginning to sense that it's causing strain and stress in our own relationship. thanks.

Stress On Stress