Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why are you vegetarian?

One reason.
Hi Edahn, 
I'm a long time reader and first time writer... I'd like to know why you're a vegetarian and if you intend to stay that way.
WELL, THE MAIN REASON I'm a vegetarian is because it serves as a moral trump card. Consider this exchange I recently didn't have with a pretend friend:

She: You lied to me! You said you weren't interested in her, then you--
Me: I didn't lie! I can't always know how I'm going to react to people I meet!
She: That doesn't mean you can go around and do whatever it is you plea--

See? It works nicely. Whatever happens, I just pull out my Veg card. V-E-G. ahem

The other much less important reasons are Buddhism, dignity, and empathy. Most Buddhists are vegetarian (with exceptions) and I practice a Zennish form of Buddhism. I also think it's important to treat animals with dignity, and many of the animals that are cooked or served in markets and restaurants are raised in absolutely deplorable conditions. Third, I like animals. Even chickens. They have families and mini-societies (hence the term "pecking order") and they feel pain. I don't wanna eat them. If I wanted to eat them, I would have put up a wall in my head to block that information out and frankly, I suck at that no thanks to my residual OCD tendencies.

I don't see myself eating meat anytime soon. I'm used to vegetarianism now and it's given me opportunities to be more aware and more compassionate. Also, the trump card.

Hey guys, if you have a question or comment or issue, send it in. I don't have anything else and I could use the distraction.

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Anonymous said...

Being a veg just gets really easy and comfortable. I don't think I could eat meat again.