Prediction Time

I'm gonna make some predictions about the next few years. I love doing this stuff. Take it very very not not seriously.

  1. More angry weather. More violent weather and strange astronomical as the Earth tries to flick annoying humans off of it. Bigger earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, and even asteroids. Cataclysms begin to reorganize communities to be closer and more self-reliant. New social rituals are born that emphasize human contact.
  2. #OWS dies and is reborn. OWS protests don't make a significant impact this election, but splinter groups form and create a powerful labor party that call for social reform and new political institutions. 
  3. Buy local movement. A turn to buying local will become much more popular. Corporations will suffers from national boycotts but will find ways to persist by networking with local businesses. Attempts are made to identify these connections, but they fail.
  4. The US, Israel, and France bomb Iran. Iran fires rockets at Israel. No one helps Iran.
  5. China and the US begin exchanging threats. China continues its cyber-espionage. The US issues condemnations, and the War of Words starts. No attacks.
  6. Birth of the cybermafia. The OWS reforms start strong but begin to crumble. The mafia who have currently infiltrated business, education, and politics, take a more subtle approach and turn to hacking and cooperating with enemy governments. The cybermafia is born.
  7. Mass suicide. On facebook. Studies begin to surface about the negative affects of computer and cell phone addiction, naming facebook as a key contributor. People abandon the site completely and replace it with a streamlined app (not a site) like the one I'm developing right now. SHHHH. (I'm serious.)
  8. Dubstep continues to prevail as the best music, ever, EVAR. Woooaaaawoooaaaawoooaaaawoooaaaaw.
Got any of your own? Leave a comment.