Reflections: Occupy Wall Street

People have been criticizing the OWS supporters for not knowing what they're protesting. That's not true. They're unhappy. Some know why, other don't, but they don't like being unhappy and unsettled, and they're finding people like them. Many have zeroed in on some of the systemic problems they've observed in our society, which could be crudely summarized as CORRUPTION. Corruption is all over in many forms, from the obvious corruption in politics and business, to the less obvious forms like public relations and marketing. They all possess elements of deceit and taking what hasn't been earned, or what hasn't been earned fairly.

The Occupy movement is about looking at our world through a mature, humanitarian lens instead of a greedy, reptilian lens. It's about reforming institutions and conventions that generate conflict, misery, and rob people of their dignity. It's a natural step in our evolution as a species, one that can no longer wait.