What do you do if someone doesn't love you back?


I need you're advice. I am horribly in love with a guy. He promised that he would be my boyfriend for 2 years. I was in a car accident recently and he doesn't know about it. We live in the same city. He doesn't know about my car accident or concussion. 
I wish I was in a romance where the man I loved actually loved me back. But instead I am in a nightmare. I just feel like crying. I want you because you seem more real to me than other people.

IS IT THAT YOU want me, or that you want someone who's more reliable in general?

When you have strong feelings for someone that aren't returned, it's really hard to step back and see what's really happening. It usually takes time and distance for your feelings to calm down so you can see the situation more clearly, but when your feelings are so strong, distance is the last thing you want.

My hunch is that if you had distance, you'd see that a person not liking you back is enough reason to walk away and move on. But I think people in your situation usually stall as long as they can until they get exhausted and decide to walk away. How much drama and anguish have you already been through? How unsatisfied have you been? How much pain has this relationship caused you? Would you be better off with a person who was more real and interested in you? These are the questions you need to ask yourself now.

In the end, as cheesy as it sounds, the love that really makes a difference is completely in your control: self love.

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