How do I deal with partner's exes on FB?

hi edahn,

Recently I've found myself in a relationship. The first really important one in a very long time. It's going well and I feel very secure and happy, except when I have to deal with facebook. I have to say it's been almost 4 years since my last very serious relationship and I don't remember having to deal with these sorts of things. You know what I mean... pictures of exes and your current bf hanging out with the ex gf doing stuff that people who are together do.

It seems strange to me that while I don't feel threatened, it still makes we feel kind of weird. Early on in our relationship I did mention to my current beau that his ex sure did seem to be interested in everything he posted. His solution - validate my feelings and cut his ex of his fb. It's not what I expected, but that's what happened. I suppose I was satisfied. He really is wonderful and creative, but I'm wondering if it's normal to feel a little inferior of your partner's exes simply because of fb. It's kind of dumb........................right?