Self-Improvement is a Hoax

So often, we (and I) think of growth as a process of becoming someone else--a better version of yourself. But it's in moments of extreme honesty and contemplation that you realize that you never grow by becoming someone else. You grow by becoming who you already are.

The person you already are isn't conceptual, so if you're thinking "I'm caring, I'm funny, I'm word savvy" you're on the wrong track. If you're using adjectives, you're not talking about who you already are, you're talking about a conceptual, mental image of who you are, and that only exists in thought.

The person you are is happening right now. It exists outside of language. You can feel it right now. When you breathe and just sit here, looking at your monitor, that's who you already are. When you slowly start to feel the tensions in your body and the strange feelings they associate with, that's who you already are. When you simple exist with no particular goal, not to analyze, not to find an answer, not to get anywhere, that's who you already are.

Self-improvement is a hoax. You can't really improve yourself because all virtue comes from becoming who you already are, not anyone else.

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