Advice, and Other Stuff

I was thinking today about stuff, my life, and values. My values come from one place, which is the same place I think all real values come from: a place of inner-quietness. That's when I remember what's really important to me, and what just seems important. Important things are self-respect, self-compassion, and self-connectedness. The unimportant things are making people like me and doing things to earn the respect of others.

It's from that place that I try to guide myself and guide others. It's the only thing I know that will never steer me wrong with absolute certainty. It's the place I try to tap into when writing here on this blog.

At various times throughout the lifetime of this blog, I've thought about closing shop for various reasons. But I'm glad I didn't, and I really appreciate everything I've received from writing this blog and the people who have written in. Thank you.