How do you adjust after you move away?

Dear Edahn,

I've graduated from college six months ago and have yet to find a job. I've relocated across the country away from all of my friends and family about two months ago, and thus far have yet to meet anyone at all. I'm starting to have anxiety, stress, and anger and have begun to take it out on my new hubby. I feel very much unlike myself and have no idea how to make things better, and I can feel myself slipping into a bitter depression. Any suggestions?

OKAY, IF YOU HAVE a laptop, here's what you can do. For the next 2 weeks, go to a new cafe every day with your laptop and do your job searching from there. At the end of the 2 week period, pick the cafe that seemed the friendliest, or the one where people seemed to know each other. From that point, do all your work/searching from this cafe with your laptop. Say hi to the cashier and ask them how they're doing (but don't get into a long conversation). When you sit next to someone or see someone you recognize, just say "hi" and offer them a little smile. Nothing fancy. But keep showing up consistently, maybe 4-5 times a week. 

Now, if you don't have a laptop, this is what you can do: first, get a laptop, because what is this? The 90s?
Second, find one thing that you like about your new place. Doesn't matter what or where, just something you can like for whatever reason. The less sense it makes the better. It could be a garden, a road, a street, sitting outside at a cafe, the sound of the birds in the morning--whatever. Try to find something that you can enjoy alone. Don't tell anyone what it is, just enjoy it as you can. Also, get a laptop, because they're awesome.

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