Just a normal blog post

I sometimes think this blog is a poetry blog. It's not because what I write looks like poetry, but because it's a time I just let things flow. I don't have a topic, but when I'm moved by a certain feeling, usually a clear sense of compassion for the person writing in, I let the feeling speak for me and guide my thoughts as I watch my fingers dance on the keyboard. When I occasionally write poetry (I have to be inspired), it's the same thing.

In a way, our lives can be thought of as attempts to create more poetry with every tool we have. We make poetry not just with our pens but with our actions and decisions and our interactions with the world. How often we actually get to do it is another question, but it's something we strive for, consciously or not. When you're making poetry, you're always making things beautiful. It's something you can trust. That's a big deal for me, and I'm guessing maybe for you, reading this, because I often worry that I'm going to fuck things up and leave them less complete then when I found them. But poetry takes care of that.

One of the interesting things about beauty is that it's always looking for a partner, in the sense that it wants to be shared with other people. When you feel quiet and peaceful inside, you want help others feel that way too, not because of some philosophical imperative, but because it feels right. It makes sense. In fact, that's one of the nice things about peace in general--it feels right. It makes sense. In a world where we're constantly juggling different goals and plans, we can often become disoriented and confused. But peace gives you a sense that things make sense and that the frantic need to solve can wait.

That's all I wanted to share. Thanks for reading and checking in.