One Question that will Forever Change Your Life

Not the actual question, but a good one.
Here at AskEdahn, we (okay, I) like to serve you great (okay, mediocre) content in small, digestible portions that you can grab and go because I understand that you're busy (surfing the internet) and that electronics have reduced your attention span down to the size of a fruit fly (infant fruit fly, to be exact).

In fact, you probably stopped reading the paragraph midway through. No worries. There are probably lots of questions that have changed people's lives, questions like "who am I?" or "who's making the world just?" or "shouldn't this swelling have receded by now?" Questions are very beautiful things. They seek out minds and ideas to dance with and mate with, creating new ideas. "How can we fix the healthcare system?" is a great example. With just a little intonation and clever syntax, the listener conjures a universe of ideas and sorts them into novel arrangements. Tell me that's not beautiful.

Well, I digress a little, because digressions can sometimes be more interesting than the main road. The question that will change your life forever...ready?

What's happening right now?

Before you cancel your subscription to AskEdahn (that doesn't exist), let me explain. What's happening right now is an interesting question because unlike other questions, it has infinite depth. Think about that for a second: infinite depth. That's a shitload of depth. You can ask that question and keep getting different answers.

You're sitting in a cafe, like I am right now, and you ask yourself what's happening right now? On a superficial layer, people are working, chatting. On another layer, you're sitting here, breathing, being. On another layer, people are absorbed in their stuff--electronics, worries...minds. On yet another layer, you're thinking. And on another level, things just happening, changing. Words fade away because they're just mind-made labels, not actual things. Ask yourself this question when you're upset, and you find a whole new world of phenomena to study, most of which is unfolding in your body. It's amazing.

What's happening right now is the gateway to true knowledge, which is knowledge you gain through experience. It's also the gateway to responsibility and wisdom, which is the only way we can lead virtuous, good lives. It's the gateway to our evolution.

So...what's happening right now?