Frequently Asked Questions about Ask Edahn

1. Who are you?
I'm detective John Kimble! 

2. Is this your fulltime job?
I wish it was, but so far, no. I do a lot of “side jobs” which I’ll let you construe in whatever perverted manner you’d like.

3. Where are the pictures from?
I get most of them by searching google for <10 seconds, but the real funny ones I make myself. I usually put a logo on those, so no logo means google gave it to me for free.

4. Are the questions all real or do you make them up?
I have not made up a single question. I’d let the entire project die before conning people with tacky made-up questions. If you read through the site, you’ll know that I’m big on honesty. Fucking hate liars.

5. What’s the weirdest question you ever received?
It wasn’t on this site, but on another site I used to post at pre-AskEdahn. The person complained of turning into any person he was around, taking on their speech, mannerisms, interests, behaviors, etc. I gave them some links to depersonalization and schizophrenia, explained what they were and why they might fit, and told them to seek professional help.

6. Are you qualified to give advice?
What makes a person qualified to give advice? If you think the only way to learn how to give advice is through formal schooling, I would say a) I’m not qualified and b) you’re an idiot. I’ve suffered, overcome, experimented, and watched attentively. Besides, I don’t really give advice. I generally just share how I overcame certain conflicts and do my guest to guide people down the same path.

7. Can I have your children?

8. Really?
No, not really.

9. Are these questions really frequently asked?
Some, yes, but obviously not this one.

10. What else have you written?
I’ve done some entertainment writing but it’s still in the pipeline. I’ve outlined some books I’d like to write. I’m a blogger on and I used to be an administrator over at (I have 2200 posts there or something like that.) Google my name and you'll find a bunch of stuff scattered over the internets. I’ve done considerable technical, business, and legal writing. I’ve also authored some pretty killer Facebook updates and some very memorable text messages.

11. Why do you do this?
It’s fun and I like the attention helping people smile.

12. What’s next?
I’m going to school to become a licensed therapist. After that, I guess we’ll see.

13. How do I send you a question?
Go here.

14. Are the questions anonymous?
I omit names and locations from my posts, so yeah.

15. Why is this so unnecessarily long?
That’s what she said.