The Logo I Did for OWS
So the Occupy Wall Street movement is gaining traction. A few weeks ago I sent them a logo I made for their website and they took part of it. Awesome, right? Right.

I'm so glad to see this movement. It restores my faith in humanity a little bit, and I'm glad it's being run peacefully. When the Arab Spring turned violent in Egypt, and Libya, I lost hope in all long-term reform. Violence begets violence, begets violence.

I'm also glad to see the OWS being creative and organized. When some people are pissed, you can ignore usually ignore them. When a lot of people are pissed, you can still ignore them. But when a lot of people are pissed and organized? Watch the fuck out.

The OWS movement is about fairness and justice. On the fairness side, people want money to be distributed more evenly across classes. On the justice side, they want rich people to play by the same rules as others and not rig the system through bribery, lies, and thievery. Makes a lot of sense.

There a moral dimension to the OWS movement that's hidden in their economic demands. We've lost touch, as a nation, with our conscience. We're become so obsessed with our own lives, our notions of success, our group identities, and imaginary threats that we've forgotten some very fundamental lessons about being a good person and living with honor. Dishonesty and exploitation are some of the first lessons you learn as a kid and also some of the most important ones. These aren't principles we should ever open to debate or rationalization. They're principles we need to hold sacred with unshakable confidence.