30,000 hits for Ask Edahn

So this is kinda interesting. We're nearing 30,000 hits on AskEdahn. I'm probably responsible for 28,000 of those, but that means that we've got some dedicated readers, and that's pretty awesome. Site stats are all up despite the fact that I haven't posted here in a while.

Well, folks, THAT CHANGES RIGHT NOW. Soon. 

This weekend I got some very kind feedback from a family friend who found my blog through Patch.com. She gave me some encouragement and motivation to reignite this project.

You'll notice a few changes right off the bat. I changed the layout of the site to feature some of the content better. If you don't like it you can go fuck yourself toggle views with the button in the corner. I've written a lot in the past 3ish years here, posted endless pictures of cats and other annoying creatures, and composed a plethora of simple, easy-to-read flowcharts. Now you can find all the junk easier. It's like a metal detector for blogs. Also, I'm going to make an effort to keep my answers concise, since I imagine most of you have had your attention span reduced to less than 2 seconds thanks to Facebook. When goldfish can outperform you in a cognitive task, you're in trouble.

Good luck, see you soon, and feel free to write me at askedahn@gmail.com or leave a comment anywhere on this blog anonymously. Cheers, big ears. You'll probably be seeing a lot of activity here in the coming months.