Why it's important to be nice to people (the selfish reasons)

Compassion at its finest.
No verbal appetizers for today's post, just the main course.

When you make fun of people or look down on them for having faults, you're not just setting up a roadblock for them--you're setting a roadblock up for yourself. If you don't make room for people to have mistakes then you make it impossible to look at your own self and see your own flaws. Because seeing your own flaws means you suck, and no one wants to suck.

If you can let people have their flaws, by being nice about it, by not blaming them, by understanding and having some kind of sympathy for them, then recognizing your own flaws becomes less intimidating. Why? Because it doesn't mean you suck anymore. It just means you have certain challenges.

And, recognizing your own flaws is the only way you can investigate them. Master them. If you deny them because to do otherwise would crush your self-confidence, then you remain a slave to them forever.

LOL, have a good Sunday. New post tomorrow.