Future Articles

Since I don't have a question today, I thought I'd devote this post to articles I could write when I don't have a question at hand. I'd like to make the articles useful, maybe some kind of guide to something. Something I would actually enjoy reading and something I could learn from. Here're a few ideas.

1. What makes a good life? Self-intimacy and its relationship to thinking.
2. Formal and informal meditation: shifting from thinking to intimacy
2.5. Nutrition and morality that support shifting.
3. Common reactive patterns that cause conflict (abandonment anxiety, depression, worrying, checking, victimization) and how to resolve them.
4. What are good relationships made up?
5. Trying too hard to have a good relationship is a form of mimicry
6. Career choice and intuition
7. Break up guide
8. Loop Theory
9. Silly Therapy
10. How greed, exploitation, and dishonesty have corrupted economies, education, and science.
11. Living a good life and saving the world

Gotta figure out how long the articles should be. I guess long enough to make sense but not so long where they get boring.