Taking and sharing naked pics

Dear Edahn,

Why is it that guys will take naked pics of their girlfriends and share them with their other guy friends? What do you think is behind this? Is it normal?

I think they do it to show off to their friends. It's exactly like a girl showing her friends the new cellular* phone she got. These guys look at their girlfriend as novel possessions, not as partners or equals. When interest in impressing friends > respect for girlfriend and the general maturity level hangs lower than Hugh Hefner's beanbag, naked pictures shall be shared.

Is it normal? Yes. For juvenile douchers.

If people want to take scandalous photos of themselves, make sure you keep the originals and all copies in your possession or scratch out the face so it's unrecognizable...and spooky as shit.

* LOL, doesn't the word "cellular" sound like it came straight out of the Old Testament? It's so friggin' old. And thus Moses spake on his cellular phone to the Lord, who was running out of minutes...