homicdal rage

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[hey asshole,]

how do i stop having revenge fantasies about hurting my boss's children
im on the verge or homicdal rage

Ugh, what's up with your spelling? And your punctuation is just atrocious! Who taught you how to write? Dan Brown?

So you're either "on the verge" or you are "homicdal [sic] rage"? Is this a trick question? How can you be homicdal rage? Are you trapped in a poem? You might have bigger problems than your boss.

And really, no periods at all? One would think periods, if anything, would have been on your mind.

Listen, next time you want to write in with a question, how about you use spell check, or grammar check, or just let your baby brother proofread your submission. Seriously, I can't even tell what you're asking. I don't speak Fucking Dumbass.


Follow up:

dear Edahn,

Fuck you...

warning: when I finally lose it and go on a rampage, you should consider yourself added to my hitlist 

LOL ;)