You're so vain, you probably think this post is about...veins.

[Dear Edahn,] 

Since I've been working out more I've noticed that I have really bulgy veins. I work out to look better, but I feel like veins are not so cute. So I ask you Edahn, bulging veins on an otherwise sexy woman: hot or not?

As the official, appointed representative of all men around the world, I will tell you that veins are not really a big deal until to they get to this level:
Nevermind the fact that she looks like she's wearing her lungs inside out, or that the shape of her "boobs" defy normal geometric classification, this chick looks like she would fucking eat me after we mated. And by "mated" I mean she would do me from behind with her huge, veiny penis. Yeah, who's my little bitch... I am!

Little-to-moderate veinage isn't a big deal, and even if it was, the attractiveness points you lose when your veins start protruding are amply offset by the points you gain when your ass-fat dissolves and you no longer start panting when you climb 3 stairs. So don't worry so much. Yet.