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Hi Edahn 
I have a couple questions for you.
1. What's a freedom for you?
2. What is a society view of a mother and the father?
3. Can't they still be a mother and the father even if they don't follow society view?
Keep it short. It's my little project for class. It's due tomorrow.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
WELL, IF THERE'S ONE thing I love, it's doing other people's homework for free. Let's get to it:

1. What's freedom to me? Freedom is understanding how your mind works and not letting it boss you around, so you can make wise choices despite all the incessant chattering and doubting and confusion your mind exudes.

2. What is a society view of a mother and the father? I'm not sure what this means. Mothers are people who give birth to offspring, and fathers are people who sire those offspring. Society places certain expectations on mothers and father like don't beat your children, feed them, take care of them, nurture them. Many of the basic expectations are enforced legally and socially (meaning, by social condemnation and gossip) whereas the more subtle expectations like make sure your kids are successful, make sure they get married, etc. are enforced socially only. 

There are also some expectations we place on the relationships between mothers and fathers, but those change faster. For instance, we used to expect mothers and father to stay married despite whatever conflict might arise, but now that's not the case. We still have certain legal rules to try and encourage people to stay married, in fact, I think that's the main purpose of signing a marital contract--it locks you in and makes it messier to leave--but the penalties for breaking these rules aren't as harsh. In addition, these expectations regarding the relationship between the parents are enforced socially. If you start talking about getting a divorce or cheat on your spouse, many people start to gossip about you and may even excommunicate you. In other words, the judgments are a way that society tries to deter you from breaking these expectations.

tl;dr: Society has lots of views that are changing. They're mostly aimed at keeping the family together, preventing cheating, and protecting children.

3. Can't they still be a mother and the father even if they don't follow society view? Views are just views. The question is whether those views are legally prohibited, meaning, can society force you to act in conformance with its views by taking away something you cherish, like a child or a benefit (property, rights). Some views are legally enforceable, some are not. For instance, a parent can't beat their kid or society takes them away. But at the same time, a parent can teach their child about atheism, even though a majority of Americans would probably view that as immoral (out of ignorance).

So if two parents wanted to beat their kids which is socially unacceptable and legally prohibited, they would get their kids taken away. They would still be parents in a biological sense, but in a legal sense, they would get their parental rights revoked. If, however, they wanted to teach their kids about atheism which is socially unacceptable but legally allowed, they would keep their parental rights.

Next time you do my homework.