Just Do Something, Dammit Club

We're starting a new club. It's called the Just Do Something, Dammit Club, or JDSD Club. It's a club for people who spend too much time pondering how to do good things in the world and not enough time actually doing anything. The idea is to just pick something that's good and do it, even if it's not perfect. As long as it's good and non-violent, it's acceptable. And, it should be as fun as possible.

Each gathering will have a mission that whoever participates will aim for. The gatherings can all over the world. Two missions per month. Missions are decided by majority.

* * *

MISSION 1: Make Smiling Go Viral
DETAILS: Create flyers with happy faces on them and pass them around. Make sure people know that once they receive the flyer, they need to pass it off to someone else who is smiling and give them the same instruction. Instructions should be on the flyer too. Print 200 flyers, pass them out in a crowded area, and videotape the action. Every person in the group must bring at least one friend.
DATE: 2/27

If you have ideas for missions, drop em in the comments. I'm excited to see what you think.