Long time no talk

Alright folks, time for a new post.

I finally got a job, and I can say it now because my trial period is over. I'm writing and doing -- surprise -- social media marketing for a small company that you'll hear about soon enough. :) It's better than law in a lot of ways because I can be more creative and interact with humans more without the legalese barrier. Just a marketing barrier. It's nice. :)

I'm Starbucks right now and the couple next to me is on a first, or maybe second date. Man is this shit awkward. You know your date sucks when people not on your date are weirded out by your awkward silences. LOL.

I sent in my application for CSUN -- Jesus Christ this silence is killing me. Maybe I should spill my coffee on them to shake things up. Just kidding, I didn't buy any coffee. I'm just internet stealing. Anyway, I applied to CSUN's MFT program so I can become a legit therapist. I'm excited. Apprehensive, but excited.

I'm pretty sure my computer has an STD. The -- no, I didn't give it to him -- cursor keeps skipping around. It's like it wants me to click somewhere else or open some folder really bad and show me something. But what? Maybe it's an antivirus program, lol. ;)

Still silent over there. There's starting to stare around and the fake-laugh (social lubricant laugh) is becoming more prominent. I don't get why people put themselves through this kinda stuff. I mean, yeah, in theory, they want sex and social approval, but I wonder sometimes: is it really worth it? I'm not always sure.

I'm rambling, I know, but it's been a while since we've talked. Write me! You don't have to me a question. You can just say hi or leave a comment somewhere. Whatevs. TTYL old friends!