Saturday Night Musings

Hello everyone. No question tonight, but that's okay. AskEdahn is changing and that's okay by me. I'm still here to discuss your life, should you ever feel the urge to talk or ask for a second opinion. Click the [ask me] button to your left.

My life has been interesting lately. I took a job managing content and doing some social networking for a startup company. It's good to be doing something typical again, and I appreciate the structure a 9-to-5 gives me. At the same time, I've felt disconnected from my values and goals.

I opened up a new journal today and started writing about that and got to this question: do I want to live my life comfortable and humbly, or do I want to try and do great things like reform law and politics and the way we live our lives. I think I have some good ideas, but it'll take a lot of work. A lot. A lot a lot.

Then I pondered a third option...letting my intuition take over and decide for me. I've felt the strong pull of intuition before. It's like a compass that tells you what to do in this moment. I think that's what I'm really looking for in life. It comes down to certainty and knowing that the step you take is the correct one.

I go back and forth about whether there is such a thing. Something I think there is, other times I think there isn't, and yet other times I think that I should think there isn't so I can see that there is. It's all really fascinating when you get down to the fundamentals of personality, motivation, and wisdom.

For now, I suppose I'll keep searching and experimenting different approaches to life until I find that cosmic compass. Have a good Saturday night.