Ask Edahn Banner Contest Starts NOW

Bored? Wanna be world famous for 7-14 days?


Create a banner for my website and send it to or get it to me some other way (comment under this post).
You can make it with MS Paint, Photoshop, or draw something and take a picture with your phone.
You can spend 5 minutes or 5 days making it.
But those are your only two options.
On Wednesday, April 20th, I'll select my favorite one, or do some gimmicky/douchey run-off.
If I only get one submission (yours) YOU WIN!
The only condition for this contest is that your banner has the words "Ask Edahn" in it and has nothing that's NSFW (not safe for work).
The dimensions for the current banner are 791 x 201 (I think). See it here.
When you submit an image, give it a snobby name and tell me what your inspiration for the concept was.


Begin artistic disaster NOW.