Predictions for 2011-2014

Caller, are you there?
Here're some of my predictions for the next 2-3 years.

  • A class war will erupt in American politics. Republicans will lose big and Democrats will lose too. The fight will be between the top 2% richest Americans vs. everyone else. A new political party will emerge much like the tea party, but will uphold progressive values and be less susceptible to corruption.
  • Corporations, insurance companies, the Republicans (all various branches of the same entity as far as I'm concerned) will put up a big fight but will lose.
  • Continuing natural disasters will devastate the world. People will be forced to simplify their lives. There'll be famine and disease, but when communities stabilize, people will live peacefully.
  • Weird activity with the Earth's climate and magnetism.
  • Iran will fire a nuclear missile at Israel it bought from Russia. Israel will retaliate in kind. Modern Arab countries will rally behind Israel and form treaties.
  • Information will be easier to find on the internet to the point where you could find reliable answers instantly.
  • A new news network that resembles Twitter and Wikipedia will become the predominant source of news as the world loses trust in major news networks.
  • Islamic fundamentalism on the rise, but will eventually tire out. Why? Because it's a lot of work to hate things so passionately. People will start to tire out.
  • China continues its espionage on the US and other countries and launches more cyberattacks. (They do this now, but Obama doesn't do anything.)
  • AskEdahn becomes an spiritual organizing hub for the post-apocalyptic world. ;)