Notes for a Book

I want to write a few good books before I die. They look fun. This one will be about philosophy, society, and Zen.

Chapter 1: The State of Mankind 
    Dispossession: Denial, Loneliness, Agitation and the Spectrum of Psychosis
Chapter 2: The Causes of Dispossession
   Evolution and the Pursuit of Permanence; 
   The Pain/Pleasure Mechanism;
Chapter 3: The Alternative
   Rest, Merger, Peace, and Meaning
Chapter 4: Finding Merger
   Surrender and the Paradox of Striving for Non-Striving;
   Accidental Surrender;
   Practicing Merger
Chapter 5: The Qualities and Habits and Facilitate Surrender and Merger
   Patience, Honesty, Kindness and Friendliness;
   Diligence and Structure
Chapter 6: Careers
Chapter 7: Relationships
Chapter 8: General Observations about Politics, Society, Culture
Chapter 9: Some Guidelines for Fashioning a New Society