AskEveryoneElse: Bad date protocol

Dear Everyone Else,

You've met someone off a dating website for a cup of coffee. The date turns out to be a dud. They call you after and leave a voicemail on your phone, saying they had a good time. Do you have any obligation to tell them you not interested? 

If someone doesn’t want to talk to me, then I get that they probably don’t want to hump me either. I don’t need any additional explanation about why they think I suck. I can make assumptions to preserve my ego about why it didn’t work out, rather than have her explain to me that she’s just not a fan of my man boobies. It’s a way bigger shot to the confidence when someone does call back, just to tell me that she doesn’t really like me or what it was, in particular, she found repulsive.

If I go out with a girl and don’t see anything happening between us, I won’t call her for the same reasons. If you do call, some girls will ask you why you don’t see things going anywhere with them. You can’t say, “You just look like the kind of girl who wouldn’t trim her pubic hair,” so you have to make up some lie, which doesn’t really help her in any way. It’s an unnecessary, awkward conversation for both parties that won’t make anybody feel any better.

Submitted by Cory H. All great answers, though! Hard call fo sho.