Have you ever considered what people look like from space? I can't say I know since the highest I've ever been has nothing to do with my altitude, but I imagine we all look like little germs moving around and interacting with each other.

If you take a minute to think of yourself as an amorphous germs, floating around and interacting with other germs, something cool happens. The labels you normally ascribe to yourself -- "Edahn," "me," "I," "human being," "animal," "playa" -- suddenly evaporate. That, in my opinion, puts you more in touch with reality. You're directly perceiving yourself and others, rather than perceiving through the "veil" of thinking, analysis, labels, and names. It's kind of like taking off your sunglasses. It also helps you see how you -- a germ -- aren't fundamentally different from the germs around you, or even the environment you live in. As Alan Watts' might have said, you've separating the territory from the map.

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