"Sesame seed" stuck in my "keyboard"

Dear Edahn,

Uck -- I have a sesame seed stuck in my keyboard and it's right under a letter I like to use a lot... have any advice? Otherwise I'm going to have to continue to be creative with my vocabulary. ;)

Since it would be really boring if I told you to put your mouth on your keyboard and suck it out, or use a tweezer or even a damp toothpick, I'm going to assume that your question was really metaphorical and super-deep. It is obvious to any moron, then, that your "favorite key" represents the feeling of pleasure, and that the "sesame seed" is really a psychological sesame seed -- a nagging thought or feeling that something is off and in need of repair which frustrates your experience of pleasure. Thus, your question is really similar to Buddha's question 2500 years ago: how do I escape frustration? Good question.

I don't really think you escape frustration. You just learn how to deal well with difficult situations. You learn when to fight a situation, and when to yield and be strong or even put on a smile. You also learn how to fight, so you're not making the situation more chaotic and difficult to manage but easier. Becoming sensitive to these differences and knowing how to respond appropriately is the essence of Wisdom. It's not a science but an art in that you're using your intelligence to guide feelings of peace from inside to the outside.

So, what will you choose to do? Get the seed out? Buy a new keyboard? Wait for the seed to move? Copy/paste your favorite key aNd eNd up typiNg like this from Now oN? That would be pretty fuNNy.

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