Books That Changed Your Life

Which books changed your life and why? Feel free to share with a comment. I read them all. (The comments, not the books. *wink*)

The Naked Ape - Human Ethologist Desmond Morris connects animal behavior and human behavior. It'll completely change the way you see people and understand society. It helps you wake up to your surroundings. A good way to become more aware of what's happening. Amusing and easy to read.

The World As I See It - It's been referred to as Albert Einstein's autobiography, but it's not. It's a collection of essays, letters, and speeches Einstein authored throughout his life. He shares his views on life, religion, science, pacifism, Zionism, Jewish people, the bomb, and society. The writing is crystal clear and brilliant and all the ideas are still very very relevant. Einstein was so articulate that reading his ideas is kind of like admiring a great work of architecture in the way it's structured and held together. It's magnificent and changes the way you see conflict. It forced me to reassess my values.

The Wisdom of Insecurity - Alan Watts, Buddhist Philanderer, wrote this. He explains what Buddhism is and what it strives for and why. Some of it is esoteric, but much of it is explained very very well with the help of poignant analogies and simple language. He causes you to rethink what you know about people and psychology. This is not a self-help book. It does not teach you how to meditate but will give you great clues and a great feel for it.

Watts will change your perspective on the individual. Einstein will change your perspective on society. Morris will change your perspective on the human species. Guaranteed, or you didn't read them carefully enough.