Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Blog Theme Today!

I changed the theme of my blog to space today for three reasons.

1. The Perseid Meteor Shower peaks today. Last year I woke up at 3am in the morning to watch it. From LA. The only thing I saw was the moon and a bee, and my neck hurt and I was cold. Ah, the Perseid Shower.

2. My friend Ron Allen passed away last night. He was a surrealist poet, a philosopher, a Zen Buddhist, a playwright, a he had the deepest voice you have ever heard. Some of his tones were subsonic. Only dogs and walls could hear them. This is a website I helped him make. It has some of his poetry which is fucking awesome. I wrote this poem for him after I visited him in the hospital a couple days ago.

Ron Allen,
Poet extraordinary,
African spectacular,
Dharma mafioso.

A crybaby in the best way,
Sensitive canvas to the myriad shades
Or worry and heartache.

Self-replenished curiosity,
Dissecting time,
Dissecting space,
Dissecting itself,
Setting traps to be realized in future lives.


Your gentle soul searching for words to share a humble love,
And demolish the obstacles in its path.

Soldier of the quantum empire,
Keeper of paradox,
Fugitive of truth.

Ron Allen.
3. I was sick of the old theme.


Anonymous said...

The old theme was much better. This is hard on the eyes. Sorry for the loss, man.

edahn said...

Yer right. I made the font a little bigger. I'll change the theme at the end of the week. Any suggestions for a new theme?

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog theme!

Way to stay ahead of the curve by being ahead of the coming nostalgia wave for nightmarish MySpace pages. Or is this a tribute to GeoCities?

edahn said...

LOL, good eye! This was on reddit a little while ago with the caption "This is Jeopardy's official's online ticket ordering site. This is not a time machine. This is its current state today."

How crazy is that?