How can I get him to take me out?

Wrestling: Very manly.
dear edahn
last night i took pictures of myself in my boy shorts. and sent them to a boy i have a crush on. we exchanged photographs back in forth via iphone. he's a hot wrestler in a nearby city (bout an hour away). thing is, i've never met him. i met him on for some reason our relationship thus far survives in cyber space. today i asked him to come to sf to visit me. i've been thinking about him non stop all day today. how do i get this boy to come and get me? :p
all fun intended. although we connect on a yoga level/philosophical level. he says he wants a girl he can do bikram yoga and meditate with. (i've described how i completed a 200 hour yoga teacher program in the bahamas and practiced bikram for a year.) i told him i want a boyfriend boy toy. he says we can work things out. but so far only in cyber land. advice?

ps we "sexted" for 4 hours last night. ha ha

YOU DIRTY, DIRTY SLUT! I'm so proud.

A yoga, meditating wrestler, huh? Interesting. Just be casual and flirty. Call him or text him saying "so when are you going to take me out to a movie?" If he doesn't give you a day, just write back "not good enough, try again" until he does. Or if he gives you a long speech about how he's busy and everything he has to do the next week, just say "I was thinking more like Friday". Fuck with him. When he gives you a day, tell him you'll check into the movies playing and get back to him, then just give him three options and ask him which sounds the best. Don't make the decision too complicated.

You basically just want to keep things fun and not make the details too significant. Has this ever happened to you, when you decide you're going to go to dinner, but then deciding where you go takes 5 hours? You both start vetoing every restaurant for the dumbest reasons? "Oh, salad? Yeah, I'm not sure, I had salad last year." When the negotiations are finally over you want nothing to do with the person anymore. If it's this hard to decide on dinner, how the fuck are we going to decide if which private school to send our little, equally annoying offspring? Fuck all that. Just pick something. Snake. Go.

Good luck.