Round 2 with the Ressler

This post is a follow up to this post.

Dear Edahn,
So the hot-wrestler-from-standford saga continues.. he has now semi-appologized for not seeing me the other weekend. And has expressed interest in being my boy for Halloween while I be his angel. [*gag*] Sexual jokes continue. I suggested he be Buster Posey for Halloween, since that's a dream of mine although I am happy for him to be anything as long as he just brings his hot boyness this direction. 
I have planned a pre-party with my devil counterpart-BFF and we are throwing it down at my apartment before heading out dancing. I suggested he bring extra boys if he wants. But not necessary because although I only need one, and girl company might need some entertainment. 
Thing is about boys: they seem too simple. And they always seem to respond to primal needs very quickly. And keep text message responses, even though suggestive, rather minimal in content. Is this boy really worth my time? I wonder.
And why am I so attracted to someone I've never met before? Perhaps the prolonged cyber connection of 2 months is really getting to me... yeah. That must be it. 
P.S. He loves it when I write poems?

I SEE THREE QUESTION marks here, so I'll tackle them one at a time.

1.  Is this boy really worth my time? I thought you only wanted to hook up with him. If that's all you want, then invest only enough effort and time to make this happen. Continue to date other guys so the pressure isn't all on this relationship. If, on the the other you're looking for something more, then the late-night text message to have you and your friend come over, combined with the content and brevity of his text messages don't bode well for you. Check your feelings. Is this still fun and superficial, or his this gotten a little serious and emotional? Adjust accordingly.

2. And why am I so attracted to someone I've never met before? Well, if he's a hot smart wrestler who's sexting you, I don't think it's a big mystery. There's something called positive illusions in psychology where in the first few months of a relationship you idealize your partner. You give them complete benefit of the doubt and fill all question marks with positive assumptions. Eventually you'll see that he has real flaws just like everyone else. Then you'll decide if you can overlook those flaws or not.

3. He loves it when I write poems? Technically, this isn't a question, but that's nice. You should write one about a wrestler who stops flaking out on his date. :)