Should I get breast implants?

Via Facebook, someone asked what guys really thought about breast implants.

IT'S LIKE THIS. Breast implants are fun to look at and fun to (ahem) handle, but the novelty eventually wears off, like any novelty. The payoff is mainly in attracting attention, and most guys will be attracted, but there may be some who are turned off by them. Why? Because they might see it as a symbol of vanity and superficiality.

There are certain medical situations and conditions that warrant breast implants, and maybe if people have really low self-esteem. But for those with average self-esteem who get implants, I think they're wasting their money. One reason is that the impulse to get plastic surgery can be addictive. You find one flaw, you fix it. Then you start noticing other flaws, and other flaws, and by the time you know it, you look like a morph between the old you and an extraterrestrial. Why Meg Ryan??? WHY???

The other reason is that they can get the same if not more progress from accepting their flaws and not apologizing for them or hiding because of them. That type of confidence is much, much sexier and alluring that implants (at least to quality, sincere, mature people). By getting plastic surgery, you reinforce the idea that your flaws are unacceptable and matter. It's unavoidable.

If you're thinking about getting implants or know someone who is, the most important question they can ask is why? What am I looking to get out of this? Is that a good goal to have and is it something I sincerely want deep down? Assuming the goal is a worthy one, is this the best and most effective way to achieve that? If yes, do research and find a good doctor.

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