Shit My Brother Says

I asked my Facebook "friends" to send me some questions because my blog has had less action than your mom. My brother, who makes up 20% of all my friends, sent in some very thoughtful questions. You can tell by the time signatures that he really put effort into crafting his thoughts. For those of you who are wondering, that's exactly what he looks like.

What would happen if the world was suddenly invaded by aliens? What if the aliens happened to be 30 foot tall velociraptors?
October 13 at 5:27pm · Like

O MY SWEET BROTHER, I wish that weren't happening already! Are you not aware of the imminent Velociraptor invasion? (Actual picture from the future) Luckily, there are things you can do to prepare.

Why do guys now sport the XX shaved Euro punk haircut?
October 13 at 5:27pm · Like

I ASSUME IT'S BECAUSE they're dorks, but not being a dork, I can't really say. *Goes back to editing own Wikipedia page*

What exactly is a quarter life crisis?
October 13 at 5:28pm · Like

WELL, THIS IS ACTUALLY a good question. On the one hand, the quarter-life crisis (QLC) is a pretty newly coined term that's supposed to capture the way 20-somethings feel diffused and unsure about what to do in life and who they are. But really, it's an existential crisis, which isn't age-dependent but maturity dependent. People don't know what to do because they don't know what they're supposed to aim for or why.

Some people like to attribute this to the fact that our generation has so many options. In part, I think that's right. More options means more possibilities means more opportunities for speculating. But that implies that the solution to a QLC is fewer options. That might work, sure. But it also might not be the best solution.

The QLC doesn't have to be thought of as a negative thing; it can be thought of as a gateway or opportunity to find someone's true path. The key thing is to know what to do with it so you don't get stuck for too long. That's not always easy, because confusion can prey on your motivation. If you're the person in a QLC, read this. If you know a person in a QLC, let them work it out.

How can people spend so much time promoting their philosophy blog?
October 13 at 5:28pm · Like

IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH effort to motivate people to do the stuff they love.