Why do women's toilets stink?

[Dear toilet expert,]

If women pee directly in toilet bowls, and they clean the bathrooms every single night and again in the morning, why do the McCann toilets still smell like stale piss?

I'LL BE HONEST, I don't have too much experience with wimmins toilets. The only time I ever used one was on 3rd Street, by accident. Instead of saying "MENZ" and "WIMMINZ," there was a graphic and it was kinda artsy and a little worn out. I like graphic design, but if there's one thing in life that should not be tampered with, it's the sign for a bathroom. The white, creepy, faceless ghosts are just fine, thanks. Anyway, I'm in there, handling my isht, and someone else walks in. I kinda look over and realize it's a woman. Then I realize the horrifying awfulness that is my predicament. I do the territorial cough, you know that thing? When you cough so people know you're there? *coughgetthefuckawaycough* She runs out, then I run out as the manager is yelling at me about what I've done. That happened about 4 years ago. Since then, every time I use a public restroom, even if there are already other guys in it, I check for a urinal. Trauma.

On to your question. I can think of two reasons why daily cleaning wouldn't ameliorate the piss stench. First, not all cleaning were created equal. Take my brother. When he cleans the toilet, it usually ends up looking worse than when he started. Maybe your janitors aren't as diligent as you think. Second, if it's a public bathroom, say, at a beach, the ground is probably made of concrete which is porous. The pores help prevent the floor from cracking, because apparently the weather can make the floor expand and contract. This is what someone told me once, so I'm going to assume it's absolutely correct without verifying it. If the floor has pores in it, the urine and other foul fluids that are disseminated from the body could leak into those pores. In that case, washing the floor would do absolutely nothing.

Thanks for the great question. It really made me think. jerk.