How do I get a million people to click a button?

how do i get a million people to click a button and send a text improve our educational system?

WELL, IT NEED TO go viral unless you can find a way to get on a television show. Make a video that's funny, short, interesting, and upload it to YouTube. Make sure you change the angles and shots pretty often, otherwise it'll get boring. Then submit it to some web-sifting websites like Reddit and Digg. It has to be something dorks would like. Charming. Check this out. It was on the front page on Reddit yesterday. Interesting, quick, informative, and tells you what to do. Copy it, with less ginger. You could make it really over-the-top sexual but discuss real issues, for instance. Or make it really sarcastic. Or have a lot of funny pictures to help tell the story. Needs to be fast, though.

You can also have a contest with your friends. Whoever submits the most votes (you can vote once a day) wins a free i...thing. Or a handsky. Whatever. I'll do a little promoshuns for you on my site, so all 4 of my readers vote for you. In turn, you can promote my site! To come to think of it, I also wish I had a million people clicking on my link. :-/

GO HERE TO VOTE It's free and easy, like you.
MOBILE: send the message, 103179, to the phone number, 73774 (PEPSI).