Should I move home?

Dear Edahn,

Should I move home to Dallas, Texas?

FIRST YOU HAVE TO figure out what's going to bring you peace in your life. Some people know. Other people are so agitated and confused they have no fucking clue what's really going to be meaningful to them. 

In my experience, what brings peace isn't stuff or people or things. Peace is dependent on my relationship to myself and how honest I am about what I'm going through. Being harsh with myself makes me more inclined to hide and distort who I am, so I try and be open-hearted and kind. That takes practice (and meditation can be a great tool). When my heart is really open to myself, I don't suffer. I'm at peace, and I know what type of stuff will resonate with that peace. Maybe a relationship. A job where I can help people. Creativity. I know the values that I need to live according to. I don't have to think hard about it, it just comes. But it all start with a big heart and slowing down. Really slowing down. Confronting what's here, the discomfort, the agitation, the anxiety, the tenderness.

If you know what you really need, you'll know what decision to make. If you're not really sure, then you have to sit with that question until you figure it out. Ask yourself: what kind of relationship do I want to have with myself? What would that relationship look like? How would I treat myself? Where have I been screwing up? Take a deep breath and keep this thought in mind.