How do you get a guy to stop chasing you?

Dear Edahn,

How do you do tell someone to fuck off without being a bitch? I was afraid that I'd scare my buddy off after I turned him down when he confessed he liked me, but now he has this delusion that he could convince me to change my mind if he persists. I'm just getting REALLY annoyed...I think its best if I stop all contact with him...should I just continue to ignore his text messages? Wow I feel like a bitch...

Dear Bitch,

No, you're not being a bitch. Your friend is being annoying and you need to give him a reality check. Tell him in a real serious voice without laughing or smiling that you are not interested in him, that his persistence is making it hard for you to stay friends with him, and that if he respects you and wants to continue being friends with you, he needs to cut it out and take the option completely off the table.

Now that ball's in his court. If he fixes his behavior, cool; move on. If not, unfriend him. You're not being a bitch. You're honoring the personal boundaries that he's ignoring.