Free Personal Analysis!

Well, I'm bored again and want to spice things up. Would you like some feedback on your life, your personality, your growth, your character, and your makeup? You can leave a comment under this post and I'll give you my thoughts.

Please include relevant info and history (but make it brief) and check 1 or 2 of the following areas:

[  ] personal development
[  ] career
[  ] finding some fucking happiness
[  ] why no one wants to date me
[  ] ending a shitty chapter in my life
[  ] why am I such a bastard/bitch

I expect you to share this with your close friends when you're done; I'm super serial. Remember, I'm not licensed and this is just for fun, even if the advice is totally on point and awesome. If you have a general question, you should go here. (There's no advantage to asking in one or the other.) You can click here to read previous analyses.

Ready? GO!