Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free Personal Analysis!

Well, I'm bored again and want to spice things up. Would you like some feedback on your life, your personality, your growth, your character, and your makeup? You can leave a comment under this post and I'll give you my thoughts.

Please include relevant info and history (but make it brief) and check 1 or 2 of the following areas:

[  ] personal development
[  ] career
[  ] finding some fucking happiness
[  ] why no one wants to date me
[  ] ending a shitty chapter in my life
[  ] why am I such a bastard/bitch

I expect you to share this with your close friends when you're done; I'm super serial. Remember, I'm not licensed and this is just for fun, even if the advice is totally on point and awesome. If you have a general question, you should go here. (There's no advantage to asking in one or the other.) You can click here to read previous analyses.

Ready? GO!


Anonymous said...

Brief history-- I am finishing college, it seems like all the good friends i meet end up moving away, and its hard to make new friends that are lasting relationships. I try to be friendly to people, but I feel like I do things that others think are weird, anti-social, or that make me seem bitchy or unfriendly. At this point I don't know if I'm just overly self-conscious or if I really need to work on major personality things
so, directly related to that are the two "problem areas": 1. Why no one wants to date me, 2. Finding some freaking happiness

thanks. : )

Anonymous said...

In recent years, I've had 3 of the closest people pass away, and I dont think i'll ever recover. My long term relationship also ended. I feel regret in things I should of done, or I feel angry/sad for those who treated them so badly when they were around. I saw the world differently...I lost trust in most people and for those I did trust, I valued them more than ever. I find myself analyzing people and seeking their actual intentions. I used to freely make friends with anyone, just as long as I get a kick out of it. I think I used to be more selfish in the things I wanted to do or whatever benefited me (sounds bad, but I just made friends with whoever and never really thought about it before). I used to be indifferent about people with characteristics of being kind and considerate but now I find myself trying hard to build friendships with them. Those characteristics shine much more brightly to me now then they used to before. I guess I live everyday as if it was my last day and I would never want to take my good friends for granted. And I never want to surround myself around selfish bastards! What should I improve on?

[ check ] personal development
[ check ] finding some fucking happiness

:) spanks!