Public Hair Removal for Women

Dear Edahn,

I have a questions that I can't ask my guy friends about. I'm considering permanent laser pubic hair removal because I'm tired of shaving and the hassle and itching and bumpiness that come with it. My problem is that I don't know what guys like anymore. Every guy Ive been with seems to prefer something different. I'm in-between boyfriends right now. Is it a bad idea to take it all off, just in case the full bush 80s look comes back? Should I leave just a landing strip at the top? Should I just do the bikini line? I don't really have a huge preference as long as to whether there is even anything left at all, so what are men into these days?

I'm hard-pressed to find concrete data on this topic. Surprisingly, the US Census Bureau doesn't keep any statistics on the subject. (I know, right?) I was, however able to find some recent internet polls on the matter. The results are:
  • 34% No hair at all, nothing, nada.
  • 5% A funny design (arrows, stars, flowers and hearts)
  • 21% A jungle. “The Last Tango in Paris” looks
  • 16% A landing strip or a metro ticket
  • 17% Whatever she wants
  • 8% I don’t care as long as I have a woman
        570 people have voted in this poll.

A funny design? That means at least 5% of the people who voted in that poll are virgins.

The poll shows you that there's a lot of variability in what guys like, and, that pubic fashion is always in flux. I say you play it safe: do the bikini lines and keep the rest trimmed, that way you can keep the option of styling it differently, including, yes, a funny design. If "Bikini Lines" becomes the next pubic hair fad, you're just going to have to wait it out (or buy a merkin).

P.S. FYI, the people who were sitting beside me at Starbucks have now upped and left. ;-)

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